By Tauqeer Jalal
In May 5, 2014
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jQuery is one of the most popular Framework of JavaScript which is the combination and interaction between JavaScript and HTML. Best JQuery Plugins gives developer the most ease , as the growth of Best  jQuery Plugins are increasing day by day here we have collected Best JQuery Plugins – Random Plugins for web developers which would be very helpful for them .
All plugins has described well and you can check the description on download page as well , For downloads you just have to click on the plugin picture and it will redirect it you to the download page where you can check demo before download . Enjoy!


A JavaScript library to convert URLs into embedable HTML.
Olly.js jQuery Plugin


jPoll, with an accompanying nettuts+ screencast, provides a ‘poll’ widget which can be used to ask your visitors a brief question. The widget will create and render a form inside a designated container and then monitor the form for submission.
jPoll jQuery Plugin


Roundabout jQuery Plugin

Real Shadow

Real Shadow jQuery Plugin


Flexisel jQuery Plugin


ChickenDinner jQuery Plugin

jQuery Swap Style

jQuery Swap Style jQuery Plugin

jQuery Looking For

jQuery Looking For jQuery Plugin

Bootstrap Auto-Hiding Navbar

Developed by Kostiantyn Kahanskyi, Videosequence is a jQuery plugin that helps in creating video and audio sequences with media source extensions.
jQuery Videosequence jQuery Plugin

jQuery Videosequence

jQuery Swap Style jQuery Plugin


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