By Tauqeer Jalal
In June 8, 2014
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If you want to manage your contents efficiently and easily and make your own display choices then you are in luck! Because there are plenty of wordpress plugins available that could do more than just these things that I mentioned. This will draw more traffic and serious visitors to your website.

Here is the list of such wordpress plugins that could do wonder to your content management task.

Admin Plugins

Plugins that assist admins are available and offer you the luxury to view insight about the traffic you receive on your website,this is a great alternative to google analytics,now you can view the stats on your wordpress with lot more ease.

1.Post view stat

This plugin will add another column to your All post view and it will show you the number of views per post.This plugin will help you sort your by category, date and even specific author to see the number of views on a particular topic and even the time of the posting.

2.Social Metric pro

It is a premium plugin that helps you see the social sharing stats for your blog posts, you can filter posts by category,date and author then you can sort the post by the most shares on social websites like Facebook,Twitter,Google+,Linkedin Pinterest etcs.This is a great tool for you to see the most popular contents on your blog and will tell you which of your posts generates most social can even download that social engagement repots for further analysis.

Sidebar Plugins

If you want to reduce your bounce rate and want to display the best and most popular content of your website to the visitors then these plugins are for you.

1.Enhanced recent post

This plugin will allow you to include or exclude various categories and display the dates beside your posts listings.

2.Popularity posts widget

As the name implies,this plugin will help you display your most popular posts (based on views in your sidebar)

3.GD star rating

This plugin will help you devise a rating system and display the highest rated posts in a sidebar widget.It is a very fine plugin to promote engagement with your content and help you get the idea about the likes and dislikes of the visitors.This can also persuade visitors of your website to create a user account on your website.

4.Social popularity widget

This is a premium add-on which works in conjunction with the Social Metric pro plugin that I mentioned earlier.This plugin allow you to display your most popular posts on social websites.You can configure your own customized social display in setting.

5.Popular posts tabbed widget

This plugin allows you to display a tabbed widget in your sidebar to display your most well-liked, most commented and latest contents.

Archive page plugins

This will help the visitor on your page to find out your most liked contents and it is basically a record of your posts but some of the plugins in this are not needed if you already have wordpress theme that has a built in archive template but you can still use some of it for more appeal.

1.Smart archive reloaded

This particular wordpress plugin allow you to display a list of posts by month and year and in distinctive fashion comprising of a list,block,menu etc.

2.Compact archives

Compact archives is also a very handy too.It gives a condensed view of your posts by months and years and it works with almost every wordpress theme.

3.Snazzy Archives

It allows you to display links in a very engaging way.

4.Better Extended Live Archive

By using AJAX you can create arcive listing by category and date.


This plugin will allow you to construct an archive page using wordpress shortcode in you page and editor,having to edit your actual theme’s template files or develop a new archive template if one doesn’t exist.

6.Web Publication Archive

This plugin can display not just your archives but also enables users to upload documents (PDF,Words etc) that will be arranged by a custom content type in wordpress for storing,tagging and displaying recent documents.This is ideal if you want to share whitepapers and presentations or any other file that you may like to share.



















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