By Tauqeer Jalal
In July 1, 2014
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This is a handy tool is very useful for the designers and developers out there and some of them don’t know what they are missing by not opting for them.

UI kits are very versatile they will help you save your time and effort and you can achieve a lot more by using them in very little amount of time and in the process you will end up making lot more money then you otherwise would.

UI Kits explained

UI kits have lot of useful components; basically these are PSD files and premium ones offer lot more options. It provides User interface elements for user interface design.They can easily amalgamate with your design and they offer color combinations, they are comprised of brushes, patterns, all files which helps incorporation of these elements with lot more ease.You could use them any way you like,either you could use them for more visual appeal or use them as smart objects.

The offer lot of elements that could do so much stuff for you with lot less effort for instance they offer default check boxes, avatar, slideshow, list and so on.

They offer utilities that you don’t even think about using like slider components for instance, this was unheard of before the advent of UI kits, at that time designers resorted to use these input fields and select boxes but now they have slider which can do the work for them more efficiently.

User interface kits adds lot of versatility to your designing needs, now you could deal with navigation style, breadcrumbs, CTA’s, icons, notification boxes etc.And they are very detailed,you could use them to save your precious time.

UI kits help you save your precious time

Just imagine you are in a market and you can buy almost all of the stuff in one place that you need then would you want to go in a separate markets to buy each item that you want for yourself ? Of course you won’t do that if you are a rational being.

Actually this is what UI kit does, it brings all of the varieties that a designer needs in one place.So you won’t have to look elsewhere, can you imagine the time you could save by opting for a decent UI kit?
Not just time but you could also save  money

As the old adage goes that says “Time is money”, it certainly stands true in designing sphere as well, if you spend hours and hours to design a layout then it will cost you lot of money than you could otherwise make by doing various layouts in the same amount of time as you would spend in designing just one layout.
By using UI kits you could do lot more projects in fewer hours.
UI kits and Layers

UI kits are all layered, now if you have an incredible file and now you will be able to reproduce the effect and do the same with other custom elements.

You can copy the layer approach and have fun with them,like pre-construct effects (brushed metal, carbon fiber,wooden etc) and in the process you will get a hang of cool stuff related to effects,objects,organization and even color effects and design.
UI kits are meant for designers just as Frameworks are meant for developers

You usually encounter projects which are based on Frameworks or CMS. This brings home the point that developers are not afraid to reprocess stuff.There are plethora of code sharing services, Frameworks, plugins and themes.
But designers take great pride in their own creativity and originality,but there is no harm in using some of the stuff of other great designers,because that how you learn form others and then you can reinvent this stuff and make it your own.Your work will get more distinctive as you get lot more ideas and more inspiration form other designers and developers.
UI Kits brings out designer in developers

Developers can do the work of designers by themselves by using UI kits,since developing their own pages,blogs etc.So they can reduce the cost of hiring a designer by using they are already familiar with UI kits because they use them in this amazing utility in shape of UI kits.They can design terrific layouts with UI kits alone.

Identical interface

You can standardize your icon packs and similar stuff by using UI kits so people will get the same feel in all of your pages and components, you can also build your own items.

IT is far more easier to change the appearance using UI Kits

Clients often make such demands when you are close to finishing the project.But you can comply with their demands by using UI kits,they are a very handy tool which allows you to make some adjustments whenever they are required,for example you can change icons in no time.It is easy because you don’t have to change the whole code to make required changes.

Concluding remark

All in one UI kits are very useful for any designer and developer alike and I have listed the reasons above.They save you a lot of valuable time and money and its well layered layouts add great details to your work.


Hi' i am Tauqeer Jalal founder of GDI and i always want to share good and free stuff , i am also a freelancer and available for graphic design work .