By Tauqeer Jalal
In September 12, 2014
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It’s an age of dynamic and versatile web solutions. The PSD to WordPress conversion services are reigning the web realm, and for some amazingly solid reasons. Having websites that are robust in terms of their browser-compatibility, user-friendliness and customizable enough for webmasters to tinker around them as and when they please is always much sought-after.


But all said and done, the PSD to WordPress conversion can be a complex affair, and only the coding experts can carry it out with finesse. The companies wanting to get this conversion in progress are often on the lookout for companies and individuals who know their way around the technology needed for the conversion to take place. And this is where they run into the freelance programmers. The freelancers are not only affordable, but there is a large chunk of them who are very skilled in their art. That said, there are also freelancers with non-authentic portfolios, and they often fool companies into believing that they have worked on some massive projects when in fact their experience consists of some mundane web solutions.

And this brings us to the risks associated with hiring freelancers:

Freelancers are Often on Different Page When it Comes to Deadlines

So, you have taken up a project that needs to be delivered within 30 days. Now, you go ahead and set up a deadline of 23 days for the freelancer to deliver the project to you. But, for the fact that the freelancer is not directly employed with you, there is a complacency that creeps into their schedules. Also, since they may also be working on other projects by other clients, they might have more deadlines to adhere to. And this is when compromising begins. Freelancers face the tough choice of letting one client’s deadlines be compromised. And if that one client happens to be you, you have got a singularly good reason not to go for freelancers in the future!


Sometimes, Quality is Below Par

As touched upon before, at times you hire a freelancer because you were impressed by their portfolios. However, you can’t be sure if the portfolio is hundred percent authentic, since you are dealing with an individual across the seas and you can’t possibly have a face to face meeting in order to determine whether he or she is all that is depicted by the portfolio. And if you happen to run into a developer who is biting more than he can chew, your project is placed in jeopardy. So, instead of a freelancer, if you hire a development company that hires a team of developers and has a good reputation in the market, you are automatically assured of good quality standards.


There is a Threat of Interception

With freelancers, you can never be sure regarding whether your company-centric information is getting leaked or not. Because they are more often than not bound by contracts, they blatantly start passing off information that has to be kept private between the two parties. The business centric information, if leaked, can lead to serious discrepancies that may be hard to recover from. Thus, in order to ensure that your company-centric information is safe, secure and private, it is recommended to take people or a company on board that you can place your trust in,without having to worry about their credentials (as should already be proven).

Erratic Communication

Yes, this is the age of Skype and all those advanced communication tools. But you can’t have a Skype call every time your discussion is not meant to last beyond 2 minutes. The freelancer may or may not be available anyways. And this lack of communication often leads to non fulfilment of the client expectations since all the requisite deliverable haven’t been communicated across.


While there are challenges associated with freelancers, there are also many incentives to hiring them, if you manage to get hold of highly skilled and reliable developer who is committed to the success of your project. But finding such people over the Internet or without any prior reference is hard. Thereby, when you wish a greater confidence and assurance to creep into your hiring strategy, it is much more recommended to go for a company that offers the designs or HTML to WordPress conversion services.

About Me :- Ben Wilson is an enthusiastic and a professional writer. He have shared many idea’s related to WordPress conversion service. He has very tight hand in converting HTML to WordPress website theme and deliver many successful project related to it. Currently he is working with WordPrax Ltd.- a leading WordPress service based company.



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