By Tauqeer Jalal
In February 26, 2015
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You might have observed that ongoing design trends clearly say no to flashy colors, shadow, gradients and other effects on UI elements for creating 3D impact. This is because, all these trends have been now replaced by the unique flat interfaces.



The Flat UI design basically refers to an interface design that possesses a minimalist look and feel without any drop shadows, special 3D effects, faux-realistic textures, etc., that are paramount in skeuomorphic design approach. The flat design rather supports a simplified design strategy for user-centric interface design. It can feature flat or 2D illustrations, subtle and eye-soothing color palette, and clean and clear space. Therefore, it can be said that in flat design, every UI element is designed to augment the app usability with a creative appeal.


Although, this might appear to be a simple implementation, but it is quite hard in reality. Let’s ponder into a few noteworthy guidelines for creating a flat UI design.


While designing a flat UI, there are several design aspects that must be considered. The simple design of the interface must augment the usability and make the product easily accessible throughout. An effective flat design must emphasis on essential content with a simple yet impressive design that allows viewers to instantly understand the design and intuitively commit a suitable action.


Here are a few of the essential factors that are required to be dealt with a greater precision.


  1. Literally No Added Effects

Flat design as the name implies, it must possess flat elements only. It, thus, embraces a distinct 2D style that makes the interface appear fresh and intriguing. According to this principle, every UI element must be designed without incorporating any effect like drop shadows or feathered edges. You can integrate layers, but planes are needed to be designed without leaving the foreground and background images, buttons, navigation and content behind.


To conclude, flat design embraces a distinct look and feel without featuring any additional effects. It completely depends upon the consistency in the flow of action throughout the design and the placement of UI elements. This will surely help users to conveniently interact with the interface and accomplish a desired task with a flair. For this reason, this design trend has become viral not only for web designs but also for mobile designs.


  1. Typography Is Essential


Since, the entire design is supposed to be flat, there won’t be any particular embellishments to adorn the design. However, you can make an optimal use of good typography to make your flat design appear more beautiful and captivating.


There are truckloads of typefaces that can be implemented in a design, although it is advisable to kick the grounds while making a choice for the best suitable typeface for your project.


The final visual and textual tone of the content must exhibit a consistency throughout, thus it is better to choose something a bit simple that doesn’t look against your minimalist design. Moreover, the text also needs to epitomize simple and effective words. This will help create an impressive design, and for better interaction, it is recommended to implement label over the buttons, icons, and other elements.


  1. Follow With A Minimalist Approach

Since, you are striving to deliver a minimalist design, additional bells and whistles can ruin your design. It is absolutely fine to integrate a few simple images along with simple text and color, however, it is imperative to maintain the flatness of the design.


  1. Don’t Forget The Color



When flat design is considered, the color plays a great role. The flat colors are often vivid and vibrant than other design approaches. Moreover, there are relatively a whopping number of hues available under the flat color scheme. You can incorporate around six to eight colors in your design, on the contrary, other design patterns usually  support up to three colors only. For flat design, the primary and secondary colors are quite famous, but, you can also use retro colors to enhance the visual appeal of your site.


These are a few of the noteworthy tips that can help you create an astonishing flat design while ensuring its optimal usability and easy navigation. Go through these guidelines and keep them in mind while designing your project. Whether you are endeavoring for a flat web design or mobile design, these points will help you pave the path towards a successful design.


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