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In April 8, 2015
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There is no doubt that Adobe Illustrator is a fabulous vector graphic editor that is lauded for its amazing UI and effective features. It allows both amateurs and professional designers to generate ravishing designs.


Despite this powerful tool is popular for many years, there has always been a learning curve associated with it. Fortunately, there are several plugins available that can help enhance the artwork and improve the productivity by simply extending the abilities of the Adobe Illustrator. You can accomplish a task quickly with these plugins.


If you are looking for a plugin to efficiently design in the Illustrator, here is a list of a few of the stunning plugins. Let’s explore them one by one.


  1. Path Styler Pro


Although this plugin is not likely to help you with your regular creative work, it offers amazing features that can make logo designing a breeze. It is easy to use and boasts a fluid interface that further adds to its credibility. This plugin is a great choice if you have a certain logo concept in mind.


  1. Select Menu


Developed by Rick Johnson, Select Menu is a time efficient plugin that helps designers by offering them additional options in the Select drop-down menu of the Illustrator. Open Paths and Closed Paths are the most commonly used functions, and in the default menu, it becomes hard for Illustrator to differentiate between the two.


Although this can be done manually, it will require great efforts while handling complex illustrations. However, this plugin helps accomplish it with great ease, it offers an array of various paths that can be chosen in a few clicks. Moreover, it is simply great for working over messy lineworks.


  1. VectorScribe


Formerly named as Better Handles, VectorScribe is an exceptional plugin that offers brilliant designing features. You can flawlessly edit the corners of your designs in the Illustrator. It, thus, allows one to tailor corners of a design in a desired fashion. Whether you want to edit the radius of a corner, change corner types, remove corners, or want to make any kind of change in a corner, VectorScribe will allow you to accomplish the task with a great ease.


  1. PathArea Filter


You can calculate the area or length of interlocking or singular illustrator paths via the integral option, but that includes the scanning of the appropriate info and debugging of the dialog box. However, the task can be instantly accomplished by using the PathArea Filter plugin. It can be quickly accessed via the Filters menu. The plugin makes the calculations precise, for creating snappier graphics that can be retrieved with ease.


  1. Magic Exporter



Jeremy Marchand has developed this plugin to make the process of exporting the artwork from Illustrator to PNG files (that can run over the web). In order to export a requisite object, designers are required to make efforts in layering the design. With the Magic Exporter, you can save your lot of time, as it enables one to quickly export the required components of a document by simply marking the object and exporting them by using the appropriate menu.


  1. Phantasm


Phantasm is a wonderful plugin that offers the best features of both the softwares, Illustrator and Photoshop. You can change the color, curves and saturation with a breeze while designing via this plugin. This affordable plugin makes a great choice for print designers as it allows one to completely handle the spot colors and print output previews.


  1. EskoArtwork Data Exchange


You can easily add CAD functionalities to Illustrator by using this plugin. It allows designers to snap their project art and objects onto the isometric grid, and insert several additional tools to the Illustrator toolbox. It helps quickly accomplish the task with a greater efficiency. It is an absolute value for money and since, you need to invest in certain amount, it is advisable to use its free trial beforehand.


  1. FoldUp!3D


No doubt, Illustrator has numerous 3D tools, this plugin helps scrutinize the process of designing extruded shapes through some pre-designed templates. It also allows users to generate a packaging design and preview it in 3D. You can expeditiously develop 3D previews by applying the X, Y and Z axis lines.


  1. Xtreme Path

Xtream Path

Swiftly accomplish the path editing task in Adobe Illustrator with this astonishing plugin. It provides users the freedom to begin editing from anywhere on a path they want, instead of defining the control points first. Although a little learning is required, but it soon becomes a prolific way to design an artwork.


  1. Concatenate


You can connect numerous paths into a single continuous path by using this effective plugin. However, this function is also served by the Merge Path command in Illustrator CS4. But, Concatenate comes complete with additional features. For instance,

  • The assimilate function scans a selected layer or area and pass it to the merge.
  • The connect function enables users to subsequently insert additional segments or lines between open paths.


The above mentioned are a few of the resourceful plugins that can boost your efficiency and rev up the productivity while designing on the Adobe Illustrator. You can choose the requisite ones and deliver innovative designs with a flair.


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