• 30+ Best Free Blogger Templates

    By Tauqeer Jalal
    In June 8, 2015
    There are millions of free Blogger Templates, and it is very difficult to find the best ones amid endless of them we can’t count and imagine how many of best blogger templates release every year but we can only search the best options for our websites or projects . whether you wish to make a writing blog web page or an internet E commerce web site, there exists a...
  • 25+ Double Shades Photography by Andreas Lie 2015

    By Tauqeer Jalal
    In June 7, 2015
    Photography is an art to disclose and displaying this individuals associated with artists tend to be immortal it won’t become drastically wrong since no matter if they receive departed the fine art they always leaves marks for the new designers and beginners for learning and stable them selves to create some thing new and unique . A lots of great art is available on internet that a normal brain...
  • 28+ Handwritten Typography Quotes for Inspiration by Joao Neves

    By Tauqeer Jalal
    In June 5, 2015
    Typography is an art and technique to written the arranging type to make it readable , it is a largely conservative art that tends to cleave closely to tradition . Most of the designers do it like a passion while other just schedule their time into daily busy routine life and freshen up their selves and reveal their skills . Most of the designers fail to describe their project...
  • 20+ Free Icon Sets for Web and User Interface Designs

    By Tauqeer Jalal
    In June 4, 2015
    These 20+ free vector icon sets are very handy for any graphic and web designer they can easily update all their projects icons to these fabulous icon sets as they all are vector base icon sets you don’t need to worry about loosing quality of icons . Many designers comes up with their latest trendy creative icons pack in this post you will find lots of great ideas and...
  • 25+ Best Photoshop CC & CS6 Tutorials for 2015

    By Tauqeer Jalal
    In April 29, 2015
    Most of the Software’s are available on internet for designers with help of those software’s designers make their designs more popular & creative . But mostly designers use adobe Photoshop as a primary software in their projects , it has a lots of new updates and they keep updating their versions the latest version of adobe Photoshop is Photoshop cc , most the new features are added to you...
  • Best Free Fonts for Graphic Design Projects

    By Tauqeer Jalal
    In April 27, 2015
    A good graphic designer has to face a lot of difficulties in his life , he has to deal with many clients with different mindset and make them satisfied with his work . They accept more challenges, tasks and hard work to their clients and these are the fundamentals which prove them they are good and interested with their work . You may like these posts:- 12 Cool High...
  • Best Incredible Freebies For Graphic Designers

    By Tauqeer Jalal
    In April 23, 2015
    Most of the designers fail to describe their project in front of clients as they don’t take their work seriously or they don’t pay attention to their work properly , whenever you do your work do your best and with your heart you have to put lots of efforts in your work to gain success in your life . Freebies For Graphic Designers Today’s post is about freebies which...
  • What You Should Do To Get Your WordPress Theme Published on a Desirable Marketplace

    By Tauqeer Jalal
    In April 14, 2015
      For any WordPress theme developer, selling and publishing their theme on a popular marketplace is an uphill battle. And it is justifiably so for a lot of reasons. WordPress developers have now more opportunities to make money selling their very own themes in major marketplaces and thus overhaul their development skills. These marketplaces such as Themeforest, CodeCanyon, Mojo Themes and a lot more come handy for anyone who...
  • Free Stationary Mockup for Designers

    By Tauqeer Jalal
    In April 9, 2015
    Free Stationary Mockup Today we are publishing Free Stationary Mockup for Designers to show case their work more beautiful in front of their client, presentation is the most important part for any designer if you present your design in a well mannered it will look more beautiful as it is . Free Stationary Mockup for Graphic Designers As a designer i know the importance of presentation of designs ,...
  • 10 Outstanding Plugins For Adobe Illustrator – Enjoy The Enhanced Workflow

    By Tauqeer Jalal
    In April 8, 2015
    There is no doubt that Adobe Illustrator is a fabulous vector graphic editor that is lauded for its amazing UI and effective features. It allows both amateurs and professional designers to generate ravishing designs.   Despite this powerful tool is popular for many years, there has always been a learning curve associated with it. Fortunately, there are several plugins available that can help enhance the artwork and improve the...